I- General information

Training at postgraduate level is animated in 4 Graduate Schools as follows:

  1. Graduate School Arts, Languages and Cultures;
  2. Graduate School Human, Social and Educational Sciences;
  3. Graduate School Science and Technology;
  4. Graduate School Life Sciences, Health and Environment.

II- File documents

  • A stamped envelope with your personal address;
  • The information sheet printed online;
  • A Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate;
  • A Certified Copy of your BA Degree;
  • Your Master I transcripts;
  • MA II transcripts for PhD candidates;
  • A Certified Copy of your MA II or your Doctorate degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontostomatology or your Diploma in Engineering;
    A Curriculum Vitae;
  • Your MA II Transcript for registration into the PhD;
  • A letter of Recommendation signed by a Professor from your university of origin;
  • A Thesis Protocol not exceeding ten pages approved by your Supervisor;
  • Proof of PhD research funding duly approved by your Supervisor;
  • Any other document likely to provide more information on your academic and professional career;
  • A receipt showing payment of 10000 FCFA into the corresponding through Express Union or MTN Mobile Money as preregistration fees for freshmen.

III- Online procedure

  • Go to the website www.preinscriptions.uninet.cm;
  • Click on the Postgraduate School of your choice;
  • Click on “Create my candidature”, then choose your Research Unit and provide your personal information;
  • Cross check the information and save by clicking on “validation”;
  • After validating, print out the information sheet which appears on the screen with your identification code;
  • Go to  your Postgraduate School and drop your file containing the following documents;
  • Make sure you  validate your file in your chosen Postgraduate School (for freshmen in UYI);

Please Take Note:

  • Online submissions shall end on 18 September 2016.

Files to download below:

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